case study
Tue, 10/13/2015

Since 1985, U.S. Pavement has grown from a New England sealcoating business into a national contractor that boasts $38 million a year and has been listed as one of the country’s “top pavement contractors” by Pavement Magazine. How did they do it? With 1-800-PAVEMENT and a strategic Toll-Free business strategy.

Using Somos' geotargeting and routing capabilities, they built a network of contractors across the country and acquired a set of vanity Toll-Free Numbers. When customers call the easy to remember Toll-Free Number, they reach local, reliable paving contractors.

Through the power of Toll-Free, U.S. Pavement has redefined their industry. And through the success of this business model, partner contractors have seen the benefits with major gains in brand recognition, business and profit.