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Here’s My Number, So Call Me Definitely!


Phone numbers are one of the best-known avenues for consumers to make a direct connection with businesses. They can help a customer purchase products, request a new service and/or get the help they need, when they need it. Not only do phone numbers and conversations provide a more personalized way of connecting consumers to businesses, they also allow companies to gather direct insight from customers and create a much sought-after human connection in an increasingly digital world.

Toll-Free Voice at-a-Glance
NANPA & PA: Enabling Connections


Say it with Words - Benefits of Business Texting

TSS Registry

When it comes to communications, consumers crave experiences that are fast, efficient and easy. At times like these, texting to a Toll-Free Number provides a direct line to customers via a recognized, brand identifier that they know and trust. Aside from being quick and convenient, text enabled Toll-Free Numbers provide customers with the best of both worlds – the omni-channel experience they’ve grown accustomed to and the tried and true platform they know and trust.

What is Texting to Toll-Free?
Text Enable your Number
Offer Text Enablement Services to your Customers

Routing Data

Access Toll-Free Routing Data


RouteLink® is a new, modern way to gain access to authoritative Toll-Free Routing data direct from the TFNRegistry™. Through its modern API, users can combine accurate and updated Toll-Free routing data with their own network information to create the ultimate routing intelligence for their Toll-Free calls.

Access Toll-Free Routing Data
Fraud Mitigation Solutions

An Important Solution for Toll-Free Fraud Prevention


Ensure regulatory compliance and prevent spoofed calls from illegitimate numbers to be passed on to customers when you access the industry’s most comprehensive database of phone numbers that do not originate calls or texts.

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Enhance Trust, Increase Visibility and More

TFN Identity


As the first centralized repository for Toll-Free Caller ID information, TFNIdentity® is a powerful solution that allows Resp Orgs to store Caller Name information (CNAM) so that it can be displayed when a subscriber receives a call from a specific Toll-Free Number. Likewise, it helps support the integrity, reliability and value of Toll-Free Numbers by furnishing a database of trusted CNAM that is uploaded directly by a source which users know and recognize.

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