2017 Toll-Free User Summit Kicks Off Today in Chicago!

Mon, 09/25/2017

It’s September 25th, and that can only mean on thing: Summit is here!

We at Somos are thrilled to host this annual event with so many leaders in the Toll-Free industry. The next 3 days will be packed with important insights, candid discussions, lots of networking and plenty of good cheer.

This year marks our 3rd annual Toll-Free User Summit, and the 50th anniversary of Toll-Free Numbers. For 5 decades, Toll-Free Numbers have been an engine of commerce, playing a vital role in connecting people and businesses.

Today, it’s fair to ask: what value will Toll-Free Numbers provide in the decades ahead?

We believe Toll-Free Numbers, and the companies that make up our industry, have newfound relevance.

Here’s why: We all know that the technological advancements can diminish person-to-person interactions and that new research shows that consumers crave human conversations when they’re handling complex problems or making difficult decisions.

Call volumes to business are increasing. There is clear demand for texting and Generation Z consumers are highly likely to click-to-call a business after an online search.

As the value of conversation grow, so does the opportunity for our industry to evolve. When a brand uses a Toll-Free Number in 2017, it says I’m ready to talk – and text. To lend a helping hand in an increasingly hands off world.

And we are seeing a lot of innovation around Toll-Free Numbers so that companies who use Toll-Free Numbers can leverage them better.

As we begin this year's Summit, we should all feel inspired. The talent in our industry will help propel the Toll-Free industry into the future.