Can Toll-Free Improve Your Inbound Call Strategy?

As we gear up for the Toll-Free User Summit beginning today, Monday, September 25, 2017 in Downtown Chicago, we will highlight the most innovative happenings in the Toll-Free industry. Our first “Summit Series” blog highlighted the rising use of Voice Search and Voice-Enabled phone calls on smart speaker devices and what that could mean for Toll-Free. According to Harvard Business Review, now that we know consumers still prefer to contact brands via traditional methods such as Voice-Sales, is your enterprise or call center equipped to provide a more enhanced customer experience over the phone? Check out these tips to help enhance your inbound call strategy.

While most call center or inbound calling strategies focus on Customer Relationship Management tools, sales pitches and marketing funnels, one thing that is often overlooked is call center technology itself! Enterprises that utilize inbound marketing tactics in 2017 have a wealth of options to work with including:

  • Digitally Enhanced Call Centers: As we pointed out last year, call centers are shifting their focus away from inbound call strategies and moving more towards becoming “interactive engagement centers.” Using call center touches to strengthen consumer engagement efforts is not only recommended but quickly becoming the standard practice, which makes the Toll-Free industry’s highly efficient call routing and analytics capabilities all the more relevant. 
  • Increased Routing Capabilities: Thanks to these enhanced “engagement centers”, enterprises and call center managers can gain a whole new level of insight into their customer’s behavior, agent performance and interaction success rates. The analysis of Toll-Free call routing offers businesses a very unique opportunity to optimize their avenues of customer engagement. 
  • More Communication Channels: Back when Toll-Free first started, customers had just two options to communicate with businesses, either in a store or over the phone. Thanks to 50 years of evolution, the Toll-Free industry is best equipped to handle the latest innovations in consumer communication. Find out more about Texting to Toll-Free here.

As you can see, there’s a way for Toll-Free to work with all of these new options, because the industry has continued to innovate since it began in 1967.  One of the benefits of attending this year’s Toll-Free User Summit is that attendees will hear first-hand on how the industry is changing to better suit the needs of enterprises and call center organizations.

So what metrics should you look for? First call resolution, quality assurance efficiency, and service level response times are all important key performance indicators that can be easily tracked with modern call analytics platforms. By folding in these analytics to your overall inbound call strategy, you can get the most out of your current Toll-Free Numbers and keep your phone ringing!

Toll-Free Numbers may have been around for 50 years, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be innovative! Somos is leading the change in the Toll-Free Industry as we continue to evolve and highlight how Toll-Free Can Do Almost Anything! To learn more about Toll-Free Numbers, visit

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