Announcing the 2017 Toll-Free Industry Award Winners

Fri, 09/29/2017


Somos is thrilled to announce the first-ever winners of the Toll-Free Industry Awards, referred to as the “Tollys”.  Nominated by their peers in the industry, the winners were selected by a panel of judges including members of the Somos, Inc. advisory council and the Somos executive team.

Somos would like to congratulate all the winners, and commend everyone nominated for these awards!

The Advocacy Award is an award granted to an individual or organization who has made extraordinary contributions to the growth and future of the Toll-Free industry.

The winner is ATL Communications.

In consideration of their recent leadership of major policy issues impacting the Toll-Free community, ATL Communications was awarded the Toll-Free Advocacy Award. ATL representatives can usually be found in attendance at major industry events and often spearhead policy changes that benefit the entire industry. ATL is the first and largest independent RespOrg, and their services give customers the ability to have more control over their Toll-Free Numbers. They were first in Disaster Recovery and Least Cost Routing, and have a reputation for commitment to service excellence. Now leading the charge in Toll-Free fraud prevention, detection, and enforcement, ATL is striving to improve the world of Toll-Free.

The Tech Breakthrough Award is an award granted to an individual or organization developing technological innovations that are being used to launch or promote applications using Toll-Free Numbers.

The winner is CSF Corporation, 8MS TeXT Aerialink Converstations Application.

As texting to businesses over Toll-Free Numbers becomes more prominent, CSF Corporation was awarded the Tech Breakthrough Award in recognition of their recent innovations around texting over Toll-Free Numbers. Together, the new CSF and Aerialink family launched the 8MS TeXT Aerialink Conversations Application.

As an early adopter and leader in the texting market, Aerialink developed Conversations to allow businesses to enable text messaging for both Toll-Free and local numbers. With Conversations, a customer service agent can receive consumer text messages, reply to them in real-time on any web-connected device, and forward inbound messages to a different team member for replies.  The platform also brings a white label solution to RespOrgs and a multi-hierarchy structure so they can support their customers. The Conversations application expands the value of Toll-Free Numbers for businesses.

The Campaign of the Year Award is an award granted to an individual or organization who has designed a creative concept or program to promote Toll-Free to the masses. 

The winner is California Closets, Client Stories Series.

For their creativity and integration of Toll-Free Numbers, California Closets was awarded the Campaign of the Year Award for their advertising campaign. California Closets worked with Ignition Toll Free to find the perfect vanity Toll-Free Number for this campaign, which featured a series of personal Client Stories. Thanks to their customers’ belief in the power of a phone call for sales and service, California Closets leveraged 1-800-CAL-CLOSETS in their ads to tell stories about what happens when a business and a customer can have a real conversation to each other. The value of Toll-Free came across as California Closets demonstrated their dedication to answer customer questions, provide excellent support, and thoughtful responses.

You can find the campaign website here: