Don't Miss the Toll-Free Awareness Campaign Update at #TFUS17

Tue, 08/22/2017

The 2017 Toll-Free User Summit is rapidly approaching and we know attendees are intrigued to find out what new features, updates and innovations will be revealed during the three days of Toll-Free celebration! So far we’ve highlighted our Day 2 panel discussions on texting to Toll-Free, modernizing access to Toll-Free routing data and driving innovation in the Toll-Free industry, but our last (and certainly not least) session is all about showcasing the value of Toll-Free services in the modern era!

Join Somos Vice President of Customer Engagement, Michelle Larsen, as she goes over the newly launched, “Toll-Free Can Do (Almost) Anything!” awareness campaign which was designed to support Toll-Free Service Providers as they attempt to educate their enterprise customers on the necessity and value of Toll-Free business communications. The campaign, along with the Marketing Toolkit, has gotten over 500 video views on Facebook alone, and is continuing to show promise as a resource for Responsible Organization (Resp Orgs) and Toll-Free Service Providers.

The Toll-Free Awareness campaign was launched with the goal of highlighting how Toll-Free Numbers can help businesses with their “millennial problem”, increase revenue and be more efficient at engaging customers. Prior to joining Somos, Michelle worked as a marketing and branding expert in the satellite radio and telecommunications industry. She leads the marketing and customer engagement efforts, with the responsibility of the overall marketing strategy, including customer program development, brand management and corporate communications.

Register for Summit today and join us at the “Promoting Modern Day Applications for Toll-Free: The Awareness Campaign Update” session and don’t forget to follow the hashtag #TFUS17 on Twitter for more news and updates.

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