Expanding Call Analytics with Invoca’s Signal AI

Fri, 01/19/2018


As our Toll-Free Industry continues to grow and evolve, there are many companies that are working to harness the value of human-to-human conversations for enterprises and consumers alike. One prime example is Invoca, whose call intelligence platform helps marketers analyze one of the most important steps in a customer journey: the phone call.

Invoca recently announced the launch of Signal AI, a product that analyzes the entire context of a conversation for language patterns, in real time, and identifies customer intent and behavior, as well as the outcome of the call. This gives marketers the ability to analyze additional data points to optimize digital marketing campaigns.

We sat down with Sean Storlie, Director of Product Management at Invoca, to talk about this exciting new development in the world of voice analytics.

He shared how the magic of Signal AI lies in its processing speed and breadth of knowledge. As Signal AI listens to a customer’s phone conversation, it applies its machine learning models to detect what happened on the call — instantly. It used to be a 30 to 45-day process for some major corporations that had to send out their calls for analysis in batch. This meant that any eureka moments that the voice analytics might have illuminated would come far past the attribution window, and too late to influence the customers at hand.

But with the speed of live insights from Signal AI, marketers can learn in real time what digital engagement drove that call. Signal AI gets to the heart of one of the most difficult customer traits to determine: intent. The program unites the call context with the experience that a customer had online, and applies valuable, structured data points to the marketer’s knowledge base. This ultimately optimizes each customer’s journey by making it more streamlined and personalized to their history and needs.

 “For me, it’s always been about making every touchpoint as seamless and delightful as possible for the end consumer. My main goal and vision is to be able to treat every caller in the best, most personalized way possible, based on where they’re at in the customer journey.”

At the core of Signal AI is Invoca’s mission to move phone calls into the digital era of marketing technology best practices and become obsessed about each point in the customer journey. Invoca is partnering with Salesforce, Google, Facebook and Adobe to stitch data across applications and time periods, build audiences segments, understand their traits, and store them in the right places.

Developing Signal AI included a heavy amount of data analysis to train machine learning models to understand specific key verticals. Invoca offers both pre-built industry models, available now, and custom models, which are in beta until the end of February.

Current Signal AI customers include Allstate, Frontier Communications and 3 Day Blinds. Storlie added that Signal AI is also making strides for customers in the automotive, healthcare, travel, home services, and telecommunications industries.

Invoca has made tremendous progress in the voice analytics sector, and products like Signal AI are opening many doors to new opportunities for our industry. We are excited to see how Signal AI continues to evolve and optimize all the valuable customer data that streams into enterprises through their Toll-Free Numbers.