Explore all things text to Toll-Free at #TFUS18!

Wed, 08/29/2018

The Future of Messaging and what it means for Toll-Free

Is your business leveraging the power of text messaging? If not, our Toll-Free User Summit session titled, The Future of Messaging and what it means for Toll-Free, will help empower you with the knowledge you need to unlock the power of text enabled Toll-Free!

Text to Toll-Free isn’t very new technology – so why are so few businesses taking advantage of it? Not only do text enabled Toll-Free Numbers modernize how businesses engage with their customer base, they offer a unique opportunity to expand the omni-channel component of your communications strategy.

In this session, moderated by Somos’ Director of Business Development, Eduardo Brazao, we’ll explore the latest trends in messaging, as well as discuss what it means for the Toll-Free industry.

Join the following industry leaders as we discuss Rich Communication Services (RCS), SMS Omnichannel approach, Messaging as a platform (MaaP), and more:

  • Chris Currie, President, Aerialink
  • William Dudley, Group Director, Mobile Evangelist & Strategist, Industry & LoB Products, SAP
  • Gene Lew, Principal Architect, Mobile, Salesforce
  • Noah Rafalko, CEO, Midori Interactive

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