Highlights from the 2017 Toll-Free Awareness Campaign

Tue, 03/13/2018


The first-ever national Toll-Free Number Awareness Campaign results are in!

We heard from you, our customers, that one of the main obstacles for growth in the Toll-Free Industry is a general lack of understanding of Toll-Free Numbers modern-day value proposition. That’s why Somos launched the first ever Toll-Free Awareness Campaign to enterprises in July 2017.

Targeted to professionals who are the primary decision-makers when it comes to purchasing Toll-Free Numbers for enterprise usage, such as marketing and customer care, the goal of this awareness campaign was to increase awareness about the many new and modern applications for Toll-Free Numbers.

Resulting in over 71 million impressions, this campaign proved successful at providing valuable education about the ways that Toll-Free Numbers drive business growth through phone and text conversations, call analytics, and business intelligence.

Check out this infographic that shares the overall results of this campaign.

View Infographic

You can also visit the Marketing Toolkit for a set of campaign marketing resources that promote the modern-day value of Toll-Free Numbers.