Innovation and Networking at Enterprise Connect 2017

Fri, 04/07/2017


This week, part of the Somos team attended Enterprise Connect 2017 in Orlando, FL. The show featured many powerful keynote speakers and a packed exhibition hall, filled with telecommunications professionals from around the country.

Highlights included a demonstration from Cisco of their impressive new products, Cisco Spark, a new platform that unifies video conferencing, texting, calls, and the upcoming Cisco Spark VR.

Twilio displayed the power and ease of use of its API, and got the entire audience to participate, a memorable moment in this innovative environment. Amazon also announced its new service, Amazon Connect, an exciting new venture for Enterprise Communications.

Overall, the trends in our industry continue to revolve around IoT, the use of APIs, cloud, and the consolidation of different collaboration tools into a single platform. And Enterprise Connect 2017 continues to be an immersive networking experience, as well as an educative one about the trends of the industry. It never fails to allow us to think about the different ways that Somos can help our customers thrive, and we look forward to attending next year.