New Tools to Help
Market Toll-Free

by: Michelle Larsen
Wed, 11/30/2016

Today, there are more ways for businesses to use Toll-Free Numbers than ever before. From branding to digital marketing to customer service, Toll-Free Numbers are powerful tools for conducting and tracking valuable customer conversations.

With all of these options, Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) face the challenge of explaining these uses in compelling ways. Toll-Free Numbers have hidden benefits in customer engagement, data gathering, and demographic analytics. In order to get businesses to adopt Toll-Free Numbers and utilize them in increasingly sophisticated applications, they need to understand how they can benefit as a whole from investing in this asset.

Available today is the Toll-Free Marketing Toolkit, a set of campaign materials to download and share to help educate customers about the value of Toll-Free.

The tools included focus on the most popular and effective ways to use Toll-Free Numbers in the business environment, so that Resp Orgs can better market them. Here, you’ll find infographics, animations, videos and articles containing valuable statistics, stories, and use cases that feature Toll-Free.

These are tools for you to use, so please provide feedback about this content, and what future tools that would be valuable to your business.

Check back often as new tools will be added to the Toll-Free Marketing Toolkit – to help support the future of Toll-Free!