The Toll-Free Industry Awards: Who is a Technology Breakthrough Award Winner?

Wed, 07/26/2017

Technology is the key to business evolution. In the Toll-Free industry, there are minds creating new and powerful tools, devising new capabilities, and developing new forms of Toll-Free connection. To us, these are the pioneers of our industry. Who are they?

The Toll-Free Industry Technology Breakthrough Award is given to an individual or organization who has made efforts towards launching or promoting new applications for using Toll-Free Numbers. Serving to be a driver of growth and evolution for our industry, those at the forefront of its transformation are championing new and innovative ways of using Toll-Free.  Through this award, we come together as an industry to thank the best of the engineers who use their talents to push Toll-Free into the future.

Pay it forward, and nominate an individual or organization who you believe is a pioneer of Toll-Free technology for the Technology Breakthrough Award.

You can nominate your technologist here.