The Toll-Free Industry Awards: Who is a Campaign of the Year Winner?

campaign of the year award graphicIn a world of mass communications and media overload, the ability to be seen, heard, or even noticed has become, in its own right, an art form. In our industry, there are innovators, creating a better, more innovative, and more profitable picture of Toll-Free. Who is an innovator for you?

The Toll-Free Industry Campaign of the Year Award is given in recognition of an outstanding marketing campaign to promote Toll-Free Numbers.  Marketing campaigns keep our industry relevant in the eyes of businesses and consumers. It’s only right that we thank and celebrate the bright minds who find new ways to show the world what Toll-Free is made of, and help us all to evolve our value proposition to accommodate a rapidly changing marketplace.

Pay it forward, and nominate an individual or organization that you believe has created a game-changing marketing campaign for the Campaign of the Year Award.

Eligible campaigns include any campaign active between the months of June 2015 through June 2017.

You can nominate your marketing visionary here.

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