Webinar Recap: Toll-Free Awareness Campaign

Wed, 07/05/2017

Last week, Michelle Larsen, VP of Customer Engagement, hosted a webinar to dive deeper into the Toll-Free Enterprise Awareness campaign, our initiative to build awareness and cultivate the growth of Toll-Free Numbers.

You’ve told us that the No. 1 obstacle for growth in our industry is the lack of a clear value proposition for Toll-Free. So we’re building this campaign to define Toll-Free’s value in modern business. Our goal is to encourage companies to take full advantage of all the new and diverse applications of Toll-Free technology that have evolved in recent years.

We’re going to target businesses that already use a Toll-Free Number in their industry, whatever that industry may be. The campaign is further targeted towards individuals in mid to senior-level positions in the marketing and customer service departments within those companies.

The title of the campaign is “Toll Free Can Do (Almost) Anything.” Through a series of articles and video content, the campaign will clearly demonstrate the many ways in which Toll-Free Numbers can be used by businesses today to satisfy their customers desires, and increase their bottom line.

The content of the campaign will put special emphasis on marketing applications, call-center applications, and thought leadership. These videos and articles will be distributed across the spectrum of digital marketing outlets, including Facebook, Google AdWords, LinkedIn, and special micro-sites created specifically for the campaign’s content.

So, what can you do to help make this campaign a success?

  • Update your company’s contact information on the Somos Portal Website – Here's how!
  • Review our marketing materials available on the Somos Marketing Toolkit.
  • Share your customer testimonials and stories at info@somos.com – These could become part of our campaign!

The campaign will run from July through November of 2017.

We’re also looking for case studies about enterprises and how they’re applying Toll-Free Numbers in marketing, customer support, and analytics. If this sounds like you, and you’d like to add your business’s story to our campaign, contact us at info@somos.com.