Rethink, Redesign, Renew: How to Survive – and Thrive! – in Today’s Digital Marketplace

Do you remember when Once Upon a Time….

…. Amazon was exclusively an online bookstore,

…. Netflix was a DVD delivery service, and

…. Dominos was a single pizzeria in Ypsilanti – a lesser-known suburb (with a lesser-known pronunciation!) in southeast Michigan? 

My, how the times have change. To think that that online book dealer would become the largest online retailer in the United States…. Or that in 1999, that pizzeria would become the first home delivery company to take online orders….

Their stories of monumental growth and success isn’t pure happenstance though; it’s the recognition of a need to rethink your business model to match shifting consumer habits. To renew your core product and services offerings in a manner that promotes smart growth, investment and agility. To redesign your strategy as – and when – needed to keep pace with digitalization, technology and innovation.

At the 2021 Somos Summit, these principles converge in the CEO Keynote session, presented by Gina Perini, Somos’ Chair of the Board and CEO: 

How to Survive – and Thrive! – in Today’s Digital Marketplace

While the recent boom in digital marketplace growth is often attributed to the recent COVID-19 pandemic – and rightfully so – a consumer-driven revolution started pervading ecommerce long before 2020 hit. From Etsy to eBay, the digital marketplace has been long percolating – it just took a global pandemic to awaken, mature and grow it.

Join Gina as she explores what the digital marketplace means to you today, tomorrow and blazing into the future. From building a vision for telecom in an increasingly fast-tracked world to realizing the same level of trust and brand presence in a digital marketplace as in a physical marketplace, this keynote session will reveal the secrets to deepening – and expanding – trusted communication between consumers, businesses and organizations.

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