Become a RouteLink Customer

Find the Model that Fits your Needs

You can subscribe to the service directly from Somos, become an Authorized Distributor or an Authorized OEM who offers RouteLink as part of its routing services.

If you are considering acquiring new routing hardware and software, Somos will soon partner with manufacturers that will incorporate the RouteLink Application Programming Interface (API) into their equipment. This means you can subscribe to the service directy from Somos without going through the RouteLink API integration.

3 Ways to Become a RouteLink Customer

Become a Direct Subscriber

Minimize costs and network latency by downloading a local copy of Toll-Free routing data to use within your network. 

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Become an Authorized Distributor Customer

Receive a copy and provide copies of our Toll-Free routing data to your customers through a licensing agreement with Somos.

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Become an Authorized OEM Customer

Receive Toll-Free routing data from Somos with a “Plug and Play” approach.

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