Become a RouteLink Direct Subscriber

When you become a RouteLink Direct Subscriber, you will receive Toll-Free routing data directly from Somos for a flat monthly fee. 

Direct subscribers are able to use the data within their networks for the purpose of routing Toll-Free calls. 

Direct Subscribers receive Toll-Free routing data through the RouteLink Application Programming Interface (API) that connects with your existing systems. As a Direct Subscriber, you are responsible for the API integration.

Once you become a RouteLink subscriber, you will receive a local copy of the authoritative Toll-Free routing data, which is updated in near-real-time through the RouteLink API.

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Ready to become a RouteLink Direct Subscriber? Access our sandbox environment to try before you buy.

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  • Quick and easy set-up through a modern API reducing deployment cost and time to market.
  • The Toll-Free routing data can help to reduce network costs through improved routing efficiency.
  • Toll-Free routing data is stored locally, inside your network reducing access time.


  • Complete all the steps in the RouteLink On-boarding Checklist.
  • Accept the RouteLink User Agreement and Terms & Conditions and the API License.
  • Complete the API certification process in our sandbox environment.

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