The Somos User Group – Helping to Shape the Future of Telecom

The Somos User Group – Helping to Shape the Future of TelecomSince 2015, the Somos User Group has been a guiding force in helping to ensure that Somos’ products and services surpass the needs of our industry and more importantly, our customers. From beta-testing new features and capabilities for our solutions to validating proof of concept ventures, the Somos User Group participants provide an invaluable service.

What is the Somos User Group?

The Somos User Group was founded as a sounding board for ideas, insight and input into Somos’ portfolio of solutions — including current products’ functionality as well as the feasibility of new products. Acting in a think tank-like role, participants of the User Group and members of Team Somos meet throughout the year to discuss candid feedback on proposed enhancements and contemplated developments. Otherwise stated, they serve as the “voice of the industry” and contribute the essential feedback needed to both optimize our products as well as ensure that our customers can operate in a capacity that is easy, streamlined, and effective.

Who is the Somos User Group?

The Somos User Group is comprised of industry leading professionals who are committed to advancing telecom as well as their own careers. As a part of the group, participants gain an exciting opportunity to network with peers, learn more about telecom trends and exchange expertise. Through a knowledge share that transcends one’s own experiences, participants emerge as true thought leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators.

Current Somos User Groups participants include telecom superstars from organizations including:



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