4 Ways to Leverage Toll-Free Throughout the Customer Journey

For almost 50 years, Toll-Free Numbers have been a vital resource for businesses to create a trusted conversation with consumers. Toll-Free has always been based on relationships — the human-to-human connection that two voices can make over a phone call. But it doesn’t stop there — Toll-Free serves as a guide for businesses along the key steps of the custome4 tools for the customer journeyr journey.

The demand for better, faster, and more customer-centric service is skyrocketing, and Toll-Free helps make a smart connection between a company’s advertising, marketing, customer service, operations, and strategy efforts.

Brand Communications

As the primary consumer connection, Toll-Free Numbers drive the way that businesses identify and represent themselves as a brand. Recognizable and memorable vanity numbers continue a brand’s personality across different platforms. And the authority that comes from an 8XX number reassures customers that they are working with a credible company.

Call Management and Routing

For call management and routing, Toll-Free Numbers are easy to procure and route for optimal call center performance and customer service. Customer calls can be routed according to location, time of day, or previous calling history, making their experience as seamless as possible.

Marketing and Analytics

Tracking a campaign through Toll-Free Numbers gives marketers better intelligence about their customers and the data they need to analyze their strategy’s effectiveness. Thanks to online ad tracking, call sharing, and call routing, companies find more sales and acquisition success by personalizing offers according to their customers’ region, demographic, preferences, and purchasing history. 

Texting Over Toll-Free

And as our industry’s technologies evolve toward texting and rich media services, texting opens an entirely new channel of interaction and a fresh opportunity for growth. When businesses incorporate customer-preferred modes of communication, like text, video, and photo, they make customer engagement flexible, visual, and instantaneous. By offering the option to text with customer representatives, businesses can plug into the day-to-day lives of their audience. And with click-to-call mobile ads on the rise, it’s easier now than ever to get users on the phone even when they’re on the move.

Toll-Free is about creating better customer relationships. It’s a conduit that integrates with analytical tools to make marketing and customer service better. Toll-Free is a tool that makes businesses more efficient, more personal, more specific, and more effective.  

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  • Toll-Free is about creating better customer relationships.

  • By offering the option to text with customer representatives, businesses can plug into the day-to-day lives of their audience.

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