Optimize Your Contact Center Blacklist with RealNumber® DNO from Somos – On Demand Webinar

Optimize Your Contact Center Blacklist with RealNumber® DNO from Somos – On Demand Webinar

When it comes to call spoofing and identity falsification, everyone from individual consumers to small businesses to global enterprises are potential fraud victims these days.

More and more, however, companies – and more specifically their contact centers – are becoming the targets of elaborate telco scams. In fact, from 2018 to 2020 alone, fraud attacks via the contact center skyrocketed from 8% to a staggering 31%. Simply put, when the pandemic hit in 2020, the fraudsters showed up in droves.

So, what can contact center owners, operators and other invested entities do to block unwanted (and potentially resource depleting!) calls? One of the best and most effective strategies for putting a barrier between scammers and contact centers is the utilization of a blacklist. Whether via a bot, robocall or otherwise, a contact center blacklist can help ensure that calls from pre-specified phone numbers never get through to agents.

If you’re looking to improve customer experience, lower unnecessary spend, minimize call volume or all the above, a blacklist is an excellent resource that can help:

  • Make more time for your most valuable asset, your customer – When agents are wasting time answering calls from scammers, prerecorded messages, etc., they are also often depleting the energy and bandwidth needed to effectively answer calls from REAL prospects and customers.

  • Reduce wait times for customers – It’s a well-accepted fact that more call volume equals longer wait times. And when agents are busy dealing with nuisance calls? The outcome is more often than not a vicious cycle of frustrated customers, abandoned calls, and compromised consumer trust.

  • Save money – Unwanted calls cost money, both in terms of wasted agent time and per-minute charges. Worse yet, missed and/or abandoned calls from legitimate customers can lead to lost sales opportunities and with them, lost revenue.

  • Ensure the authenticity of performance data – Not only do spam calls cost you time, budget and customer loyalty, but they can also skew your metrics. This is notable as working with misrepresented analytics can cause businesses to sink money into channels and activities that aren’t producing real results.

Whether you’re in the early stages of planning, already have an operating index or somewhere in-between, referencing a do not originate (DNO) list is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to build-out and populate your contact center’s blacklist. How so you may be wondering? As databases of phone numbers that have been identified as in-bound only, DNO lists can help empower contact centers to identify and block calls from invalid, unallocated or numbers that otherwise should never originate calls.

While there are more than one DNO lists available on the market, there’s only one that comes DIRECT from the trusted administrator of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), the Toll-Free Number Registry (TFNRegistry®) and the Reassigned Numbers Database (RND) –


From its robust dataset of over 6B numbers to its proven ability to reduce robocalls, RealNumber DNO is a powerful solution that can help contact centers build a blacklist that is more expansive, more comprehensive and most importantly – more reliable.

To learn more about the vast range of benefits that RealNumber DNO offers contact center owners, operators, agents and beyond, check out the on-demand webinar: Keep Illegally Spoofed Calls OUT of the Contact Center with RealNumber DNO.


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