Announcing the Winners of the 2022 Somos Fraud Fighter Award – Kristi Thompson and Dan Stepanicich from the FCC!

Traffic pumping and fraud are very real problems that continue to blight the telecommunications industry – which is why it’s critical to have industry champions who aren’t afraid to stand up to fraudsters. 

This year has been a truly stand-out time for telecom and more specifically, the Toll-Free industry, when it comes to working collectively to fight fraud. It is a privilege to recognize two individuals whose efforts have gone above and beyond with the 2022 Somos Fraud Fighter Award!

As members of the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau, this year’s winners have been instrumental in supporting the investigation of fraud and issuing of punitive action against robocallers, fraudsters and scam artists. In fact, with the support from the likes of last year’s fraud fighter award winners, the tri-chairs of the Toll-Free Traffic Pumping Traceback Group, the FCC issued its first-ever fine for Toll-Free traffic pumping – a staggering $116M fine to a group that made nearly 10M robocalls in a scheme to generate Toll-Free dialing fees!

We are honored to recognize the following FCC Enforcement Bureau superstars for their momentous contributions toward protecting the integrity of Toll-Free. It is with great excitement that we announce the following fraud fighters as the recipients of the 2022 Somos Fraud Fighter Award!

Kristi Thompson, Deputy Chief
Telecommunications Consumers Division, Enforcement Bureau at the FCC

Daniel Stepanicich, Attorney Advisor
Telecommunications Consumers Division, Enforcement Bureau at the FCC


Chosen for their exceptional work towards mitigating and eliminating fraudulent activities and scams within the Toll-Free industry, both of this year’s award winners have demonstrated true leadership, dedication and consumer advocacy.

Please join us in thanking Kristi Thompson and Daniel Stepanicich for their continued service to our industry and commitment to restoring trust in telephony and ensuring customer confidence in phone calls.

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