Business Texting: Open a New World of Communication Today!

Did you know that 73% of consumers
wish more businesses texted them?

Let’s face it, consumers today are discerning and want a customer experience that is fast, efficient and easy – which is why adding business texting to your communications strategy just plain makes sense. 

Texting is a near-effortless way for consumers to connect with a business—no matter where they are, what time it is or what they’re doing. Additionally, having the ability to send photos, videos, etc. via text can increase the accuracy and efficiency of your customer support staff and promote better customer satisfaction.

See firsthand how texting works better for people in our latest video, Text or Time Travel?


Ready to offer your customers the ability to text enable their Toll-Free Numbers? Email us at to learn more about how business texting offers a powerful touchpoint to start conversations with consumers, while also reaping several business benefits.




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