EmPOWER Yourself Today with On-Demand Videos from TFUS20

At the 2020 Toll-Free User Summit (TFUS20), we put the POWER of knowledge in your hands with a week of enhanced training opportunities and Toll-Free knowledge exchange. Each Power Session was uniquely developed to deliver the industry know-how needed to provide an enhanced Toll-Free experience for both you and your customers. 

Whether interested in learning more about authentication enablement solutions, IP call routing, flexible APIs or enhancing outbound Toll-Free calls with caller ID, our video coverage provides valuable insight into some of the latest solutions and ventures in the Toll-Free industry.

To help you reexperience Summit – if you attended – or see what you missed if you couldn’t be there, we’ve uploaded live videos from every Power Session presentation that was delivered including:

Securing a Winning Future with SMS/800 TFN Registry APIs 

SMEs show you API utilization best practices and present a walk-through of the most popular and recently deployed API calls


TFN Identity: Get Recognized at First Glance with Toll-Free Caller ID 

Through powerful use cases, a future-thinking look at TFN Identity’s product roadmap and a demo, industry experts show you how you can help deliver Toll-Free Caller ID information to customers


Bridging the Gap with RealNumber, the Latest A-Level Solution from Somos 

SMEs illustrate key features, functionality, uses cases and demos of RealNumber, Somos’ newest authentication enablement solution


Discovering the Best “Route” for Achieving IP Toll-Free Call Routing Success 

Leading product, engineering and public policy experts demonstrate how RouteLink provides the utmost value in call routing flexibility and versatility via a secure, reliable and user-friendly platform


Looking for more TFUS20 insights? Check out our full list of on-demand videos here.

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