Event Recap – Leading Fraud Prevention Experts Explore DNOT, KYC and more at CFCA

Recently, at the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) Summer Educational Event, carriers, end-users, service providers and more gathered together to learn more about some of the hottest topics in fraud prevention. From mobile handset trafficking to advanced authentication technologies to Know Your Customer (KYC), the two-day event provided valuable insight into new and innovative approaches to stopping fraudsters, scammers and other bad actors.

As part of the event, leading fraud authorities from Somos and our partner companies delivered the following webinars:

Exploring the Impact of the FCC's Do Not Originate Text Rule: Solutions for DNO Compliance 

Event Recap – Leading Fraud Prevention Experts Explore DNOT, KYC and more at CFCAThe FCC recently issued an order on the Do Not Originate Text (DNOT) rule, which requires mobile service providers to block text messages that originate from numbers should never and would never send a text message. The impact of this new rule is expected to deeply affect providers. 

During this session, Michele Osborn, Joel Bernstein, Ryan Karnas and Lloyd Tjom, all from Somos, explored the impact of these as well as available solutions that support DNOT, including advanced authentication technologies and third-party filtering services that promote DNO compliance.  

Know Your Customer: Alphabet Soup 

Telecommunications can take on a language of its own. With the increasingEvent Recap – Leading Fraud Prevention Experts Explore DNOT, KYC and more at CFCA importance of Know Your Customer (KYC) and industry focus on Robocall and Spam mitigation, the glossary of acronyms can get a bit overwhelming.

During this session, Stacy Graham from Sinch and Jaime Zetterstrom from Somos went through an alphabet of acronyms pertaining to KYC, how they relate, why they are important and how to use them to your advantage in your ongoing due-diligence and monitoring of your customers, traffic and network.

To learn more about how Somos is contributing to the fight against fraud, check out our suite of authentication enablement solutions.


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