Introducing the Top Nominees for the Toll-Free Industry Awards!

The 2017 Toll-Free User Summit is just a few weeks away, which means so is the first ever Toll-Free Industry Awards!  After reviewing all of the nomination submissions for this year’s awards, we’ve narrowed our selection down to three nominees in each of the three awards categories.

The Advocacy Award is an award granted to an individual or organization who has made extraordinary contributions to the growth and future of the Toll-Free industry.

The top three nominees for this year’s Advocacy Award are:

  •  ATL Communications: America and Canada’s first and largest independent Responsible Organization, managing millions of toll-free and local numbers, often spearheading policy changes that benefit the Toll-Free industry.
  • CSF Corporation: Leading advocates in helping smaller and mid-sized companies through the Resp Org certification process.
  • Jeannie DiPuccio: Senior Director of Wholesale Services at ANI Networks who has spent the past 19 years advocating for growth and efficiency in the Toll-Free industry.

The Tech Breakthrough Award is an award granted to an individual or organization developing technological innovations that are being used to launch or promote applications using Toll-Free Numbers.

The top three nominees for this year’s Tech Breakthrough Award are:

  • 8MS TeXT Aerialink Converstations Application: An early adopter and leader in the texting market, Aerialink developed Conversations allowing businesses to enable text messaging for both toll-free and landline numbers.
  • The Toll-Free Exchange: Allows Resp Orgs to have direct control of creating new and increased revenue on existing Toll-Free termination while simultaneously lowering cost on Toll-Free origination.
  • ThinQ: Reinventing Toll-Free with the world's first Toll-Free Least-Cost-Routing (LCR) Platform. ThinQ’s technology offers an unprecedented level of control, pricing, and added features like disaster recovery that cannot be matched.


The Campaign of the Year Award is an award granted to an individual or organization who has designed a creative concept or program to promote Toll-Free to the masses. 

The top three nominees for this year’s Campaign of the Year Award are:

  • California Closets, Client Stories Series: Believing in the power of phone calls, through Toll-Free! When individuals connect with businesses over phone, more thoughtful conversations can be made.
  • A #1 Air, 1-800-NEW-COOL & 1-800-NEW-HEAT Campaign: Proving that coupling memorable vanity Toll-Free Numbers in various advertising channels is a way to generate substantial inbound inquiries while building brand recognition.
  • CSF Corporation, World of Tomorrow: Text Enabling Your Business Numbers Now: An awareness campaign launched to educate users on the benefits of texting on both Toll-Free Numbers and landline numbers.

Who will take one of the Toll-Free Awards home from Chicago? Find out at the 2017 Toll-Free User Summit!


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