This June at SIP Forum: Experts from YouMail, Equinox and Somos Share the Latest in KYC

At this summer’s KYC SUMMIT 2023, hosted by the SIP Forum, leading experts in Know Your Customer (KYC) strategy, solutions and best practices will present throughout the week for this special, free-to-attend webinar series.

KYC Summit

As part of the event, SMEs from Somos will be joined by KYC trailblazers from YouMail and Equinox Information Systems at the following sessions:

Leveraging Authoritative Data to Know Your Customer's Traffic

Monday, June 12 from 3:30 – 4:30PM ET
Jaime Zetterstrom, VP, Product Management, Somos
Mike Rudolph, CTO & Chief Architect, YouMail

The telecom regulatory landscape is ever-evolving. Join Somos and YouMail to discuss how, respectively, our data and tools are able to help companies take action to comply. Focusing on the Know Your Customer’s Traffic requirements, attendees will see just how big authoritative data, when applied correctly, empowers companies to Know Their Customers and their customer’s traffic! This session will be educational and thought-provoking as well as challenge the industry on new ways to dive deep into customer traffic!

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Unlocking Customer Insights: Leveraging Big Data for Enhanced Analytics and Fraud Management

Wednesday, June 14 from 11:30AM – 12:30PM ET
Ryan Karnas, Director, Product Management, Somos
David West, Executive VP, Equinox Information Systems

Join Equinox and Somos as we uncover key insights on how your usage of analytics and fraud management systems could be enhanced with big authoritative data to explore details of a customers' traffic. This collaborative session is meant to be an educational webinar on how systems can work together to help solve the need for REAL KYC. Many of the examples presented will highlight where there is "smoke" in a customers' traffic as well as help attendees drill into details of what a customer is doing on a provider’s network.

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Click here to learn more about the above sessions plus other educational presentations on topics related to KYC initiatives, call authentication and more!

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