New Updates Added to the Latest SMS/800 TFN Registry® Release Increase Efficiency and Ease of Search!

Number Administration is at the core of the SMS/800 TFN Registry®, and with February’s new release a number of enhancements are now available that help support and maximize usage for Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs). Specifically, we’ve added updates to the SMS/800 TFN Registry’s bulk automation capabilities and more that are certain to help drive business operations and efficiencies!

New updates and enhancements include the following:

NEW NUS Page Navigation Anchor Tags: 

User experience is enhanced through the addition of anchor tags on the Number Search and Reserve (NUS) page. This new feature means less scrolling and expedited access to search results.

NEW Bulk Automation Error Support: 

Troubleshooting issues with bulk number listings becomes simpler with a new option to download a filtered file showing specific numbers that the SMS/800 TFN Registry has identified as potentially having a problem (aka numbers that are in a "Failed" status). This feature is now available in the bulk pages center for Multi-Conversion to Pointer Record (MCP), Multi-Record Disconnect (MND), Multi Number Resp Org Change (MRO) and Multi Number Spare (MSP).

UPDATED Column Headers for Bulk Automation Message Center: 

Increased efficiency and ease of navigation of the SMS/800 TFN Registry is made possible by the addition of new Column Headers (on screen, print and download) in the Bulk Automation Message Center (BMC). The new headings include "Creation Date/Time," "Create User ID,” "Acting As ID,” "Status," and "Request Description".

UPDATED Column Sorting for Additional Screens: 

Expanding on the January release to the Mass Automation pages, the inclusion of the new column sorting functionality to has now been added to the Immediate Validation Results (IVR) and Reserved Number List (RNL) pages. This feature allows users to interact with data in the SMS/800 TFN Registry.

To learn more about the new features, check out our updated SMS/800 TFN Registry User Guide, which can be accessed via the SMS/800 TFN Registry UI** and within the Somos Portal Website*. Similarly, API users can access the API Specifications and more in Somos' Developer Resources**.

As always, the Somos Help Desk team is by your side and our subject matter experts are available to support your needs. Please email us at or you can call or text us at 844.HEY.SOMOS (844.439.7666), Option 1.

* A valid Resp Org Login ID is required to gain access to the Somos Portal Website. In the event that you are not able to access the Somos Portal Website, please reach out to your Resp Org's Primary Contact and/or Company Administrator(s) for further assistance.

** Access to the SMS/800 TFN Registry UI and Developer Resources are permission based and not available to all users by default. In the event that you are not able to access either site, please reach out to your Resp Org's Primary Contact and/or Company Administrator(s) for further assistance.


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