Preserving Confidence and Trust in Communications

At Somos, building trust underpins everything we do and every decision we make. It’s with an unshakable commitment to transparency and fairness, that we serve our customers, bring together industry members and protect consumers. Our authoritative registries are trusted sources that telecommunication providers rely on to innovate, grow and thrive. They can use our registries, products and services with confidence to manage their efforts to combat illegal robocalling and spam to comply with the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) STIR/SHAKEN standards.

When it comes to fighting fraud, it’s always important to know what resources are in place. So here is a comprehensive summary of Somos’ solutions with a description of how each contributes to preserving the trust we need and value more than ever in an increasingly interconnected world.

Products Built on Transparency


Under STIR/SHAKEN, all enterprises desire A-Level Attestation from their Service Providers. RealNumber, the newest service in the Somos portfolio, makes it easy for Service Providers to enable A-Level Attestation for their enterprise customers. RealNumber works by verifying the enterprise’s association with a Telephone Number through their Responsible Organization (Resp Org) of Record via the authoritative SMS/800 TFN Registry. Somos is actively onboarding for the proof of concept of this Toll-Free Number Subscriber Authentication solution. If you are interested in learning more, please email

TFN Identity

TFN Identity is a trusted source for Toll-Free caller name information. With TFN Identity, certified Resp Orgs can validate and update enterprise information for display, so that consumers can easily identify who is calling with confidence.


Another tool that can be used to address authentication concerns is RouteLink, Somos’ authoritative Toll-Free call routing data solution. RouteLink only includes validated, active Toll-Free Numbers—meaning subscribed network operators could potentially use the RouteLink feed to identify active and inactive (and potentially spoofed) Toll-Free Numbers. Of course, it also means users can trust RouteLink to provide them with reliable, updated routing data.

Authoritative Registries for Trusted Information

SMS/800 TFN Registry

As more information is shared, traded and transferred digitally, registries play an important role as a neutral, third-party arbitrator of data, so industries can innovate and grow without constraint. For over a decade, Somos has managed and expanded the SMS/800 TFN Registry for Service Providers to have trusted access to Toll-Free Numbers in order to build meaningful connections with and between customers.

TSS Registry

These days, consumers want options that fit into the flow of their daily lives. With the TSS Registry, enterprises can work with Service Registrars to text enable Toll-Free Numbers with confidence. The TSS Registry features an established Resp Org validation process that validates end user ownership before text enabling a Toll-Free Number. This ensures that all numbers that are text enabled are meant to be!

Auction Registry

With a subset of 833 Toll-Free Numbers now eligible for a secondary market, ensuring visibility into the right to use ownership of each Toll-Free Number is critical. When a secondary market-eligible Toll-Free Number is moved from one Resp Org to another, Somos’ new Auction Registry allows Resp Orgs to capture and update accurate right-to-use ownership information in accordance with the FCC’s Public Notice.

As the Toll-Free industry and communications continue to evolve and change, Somos will be there to support our industry by building trust and reliability into everything we do.

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