STIR/SHAKEN – How to Ensure that the Framework Continues to Effectively Mitigate Robocalls

Earlier this year, the FCC furthered its efforts to combat illegal robocalls by adopting the Sixth Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM). While STIR/SHAKEN has been widely implemented under prior FCC rules, the new NPRM expanded provider obligations to implement the framework.

The importance of STIR/SHAKEN in reducing robocall scams cannot be overstated. This is best demonstrated by the fact that, ever since the FCC started requiring carriers to adopt the call authentication framework, there has been a notable decrease in the volume of unwanted robocalls. Clearly, it is an important tool that enables call recipients to better identify the true caller and are therefore less likely to answer scam calls or give away their personal information. 

That said, it is essential that we work together as an industry to continually evolve the framework to address equally evolving new tactics used by scammers. By providing critical feedback, Somos and other stakeholders help to expand the STIR/SHAKEN framework and further the fight against illegal robocalls and bad actors.

Somos acknowledges the importance of maintaining trust and confidence in Toll-Free and recognizes that the adopted rules are a positive step in improving STIR/SHAKEN’s efficacy. There is still more that must be done, however, if we are to strengthen the reliability of the fraud prevention landscape. 

All in all, it is crucial that the telecom industry continues to work together to combat illegal robocalls, and the FCC's adoption of the NPRM has proven a dynamic step in the right direction. While the STIR/SHAKEN framework is proving to be an effective tool for call authentication and fraud prevention, its efficacy largely rests on the ability of industry stakeholders to continue to address gaps and suggest new areas of opportunity.

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 Call Authentication Trust Anchor NPRM


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