"Text Messaging on Toll-Free Surges Ahead," New eBook from Commio

We all know that text messaging can offer businesses a myriad of new opportunities and efficiencies, but did you also know that businesses can further maximize these benefits by text enabling their Toll-Free Number(s)?

In the recent eBook “20 Ways to Get Your Text Message Across,” Raleigh, NC-based telecommunications service provider Commio explores the many advantages and use cases for texting via Toll-Free Numbers in the article:

From faster implementations to cheaper operational costs to providing callback capabilities, as Commio found, “Toll-Free is particularly good for supporting your brand and optimizing your omnichannel presence.” But, unfortunately, ANOTHER thing that they found is that often, businesses fail to text enable their Toll-Free Number, thus sending consumers’ messages “into the vast message graveyard of the Internet.”

To begin with, if your business owns a toll-free number for calling, you need to ensure that it’s SMS-enabled — end of story.

Luckily, however, text enabling a Toll-Free Number is simple, quick and easily accomplished via a call to a business’ Toll-Free service provider. A Toll-Free service provider can help text enable Toll-Free numbers in Somos’ TSSRegistry™, allowing the provider to both validate end-user ownership as well as help ensure the integrity and proper provisioning of the number. 

Interested in learning more about the advantages of text enabled Toll-Free as well as some of the benefits that the TSSRegistry offers? If so, the following online resources can help bolster the texting to Toll-Free journey.

  • How to Get Started – A comprehensive list of best practices for adding texting to a business number
  • Business Texting Insights – A collection of interviews, case studies, how-to information, and more that outline the benefits of text to Toll-Free
  • Messaging Provider Service Directory – A listing of certified Service Providers that can help guide you through the text enablement journey  

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