Webinar Recap: Increasing Consumer Confidence through Trusted Authentication Enablement Solutions

For Service Providers, leveraging RealNumber – and in particular its newest features Right to Use (RTU) and Do Not Originate (DNO) – is a great way to support enterprise customers at a time when trust is paramount. By working directly with the Responsible Organization (Resp Org) of Record, consumers can rest assured that Toll-Free Numbers vetted through RealNumber have been appropriately identified and verified by a trusted source they know and recognize.

In an effort to help promote authentication enablement, Somos recently hosted a webinar that provided a moderated discussion around A-level attestation, STIR/SHAKEN protocol compliance and more. It also featured an overview of two of Somos’ latest powerful solutions –RealNumber RTU and DNO – and how they can help achieve all of these things and more.

Watch the recorded webinar – and check out the accompanying presentation deck – to see how these solutions can help organizations successfully and effectively deliver verified enterprise calls to create a truly memorable and quality user experience.


Download Presentation Slides



Video Chapters:

  1. Welcome
  2. What is STIR/SHAKEN (1:15)
  3. Panel Discussion (6:29)
  4. What is RealNumber (20:31)
  5. RealNumber Right to Use (RTU) (23:05)
  6. RealNumber Do Not Originate (DNO) (30:08)
  7. Q&A Session (37:58)
  8. Closing (45:05)

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