Webinar Recap: SMS/800 Toll-Free Number Registry

Last week, our Director of Requirement Analysis, Michael Kimmel, and VP of Engineering and Service Delivery, Joseph Tahan, introduced to the Responsible Organization (Resp Org) community important new features and enhancements being released on the SMS/800 Toll-Free Number (TFN) Registry.


Our team is redesigning the SMS/800 TFN Registry interface to replace 3270 and better integrate with modern applications. The SMS/800 TFN Registry will be fitted with a new HTTPS interface, eliminating the need for VPN access. It will be multi-OS compatible, and supported on both Windows and Mac machines. The interface will also feature multi-browser support, and will be accessible by popular web browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, and FireFox. 

The SMS/800 TFN Registry API will improve seamless integrations with other applications, allowing for a more streamlined workflow. With this new interface, Resp Orgs can plug the SMS/800 TFN Registry into their existing system and leverage its full potential, without having to reenter data or rework their existing configurations. The API will also provide open source access for further customization capabilities. 

Over the course of the next year, the following updates will be launched:

  • Spring 2017 — User interface and API guides available for review
  • Summer 2017 —Release of new UI and API Set 1
  • Fall 2017 — Release of API Set 2
  • Spring 2018 — Platform Migration and the discontinuation of support for 3270

If you have questions about the SMS/800 Toll-Free Number Registry, please email us at

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