VIDEO: Leading Toll-Free into the Future

In this brief video, William Carter, Somos chief operating officer, shares his insights on the value of Toll-Free communications and how Somos is bringing new solutions and opportunity to the Responsible Organization (Resp Org) community.

Carter heads up the initiative to build the next-generation SMS/800 Toll-Free Number platform. In a recent post, he shares how the new Intelligent Platform will change the game for Resp Orgs.

“The industry has shifted. It has shifted to a world that is IP-based,” says Carter. “Our number one goal is to evolve and move the Toll-Free industry into its next era. Somos is developing the platform so that customers can be more innovative, building new products and services that they can leverage and deploy for their own customers’ use.” 

It’s a mission we take very seriously at Somos. As Carter explains, Somos has a very unique responsibility for managing a national database. More than 40 million active Toll-Free Numbers form an expansive and powerful network of communication relied on daily by global brands, government agencies, non-profits, digital marketers, neighborhood businesses, bold start-ups and countless other organizations.

The value of Toll-Free has long outlived the cost avoidance for customers calling businesses and instead stands for enduring values like trust, availability and dedication to customer service. A modern platform will help Toll-Free continue to evolve and deliver even greater value.

And that starts with Somos as a company moving forward, says Carter.

“We don’t reflect on yesterday. I love that about this company. It’s about what’s next. That’s how we’ll remain successful. That’s how we’re going to move this industry forward, no matter what we do.”

Check out the video for more.


William Carter
William Carter
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

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