Webinar Recap: Success Playbook: How to Prepare for the SMS/800 TFN Registry Migration

Recently, Somos presented “Success Playbook: How to Prepare for the SMS/800 TFN Registry Migration,” which provided detailed information about the backend architecture changes coming to the SMS/800 Toll-Free Number (TFN) Registry Migration and how these changes will impact system performance and timing. During the webinar, Ryan Karnas, Director of Product Management at Somos, and Judy Klein, Senior Product Manager, took a deep dive into the performance improvements that will be offered by the new SMS/800 TFN Registry such as concurrent transaction processing, faster number searches and more. Additionally, the webinar introduced new throttling limitations that were developed to ensure fair and equitable access to the system for all Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs). The finish line is near and the end in sight for the SMS/800 Toll-Free Number (TFN) Registry Modernization project.

To learn more about how you can fully prepare for the cutover, check out the recorded session below and presentation deck.


Click to download a copy of the presentation slides.

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