New Way to Access
Toll-Free Routing Data

New Way to Access
Toll-Free Routing Data

RouteLink, a simpler, faster, and more affordable way to access Toll-Free routing data.
What is RouteLink?

RouteLink is a service that provides direct access to authoritative Toll-Free routing data.  Subscribers to this service receive a local copy of the Toll-Free routing data from the SMS/800 Toll-Free Number (TFN) Registry, which is constantly updated in near-real-time through an Application Programming Interface (API) connection.

Why subscribe to RouteLink?

RouteLink provides several benefits to customers. Here are some of their most valuable attributes:

Modern and affordable implementation: RouteLink’s modern, open standard-based API is simple and fast to implement, cutting implementation cost to a fraction of what it costs today.

Reduce cost for Toll-Free calls: By having access to the routing data through RouteLink, customers can apply their network intelligence, and perform analytics to identify the lowest cost routing alternative between the originating carrier and the terminating carrier, reducing the routing costs for Toll-Free calls.

Local copy of Toll-Free routing data: The local copy of Toll-Free routing data allows companies to access routing data without leaving their networks, which minimizes call setup latency.

Do you need help to integrate the RouteLink API or understand the Call Processing Record (CPR) data?  

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Reduce network costs
Routing data stored locally