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RouteLink brings you reliable data straight from the authoritative source.

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Create the Ultimate Routing Intelligence for Toll-Free Calls


Harness the power of Toll-Free routing data now when you invest in RouteLink, the authoritative Toll-Free call routing data solution.

With RouteLink®, you gain direct access to Toll-Free routing data direct from the TFNRegistry™, which ensures that your data is reliable and updated in near real time. This allows users to combine accurate and updated Toll-Free routing data with their own network information using data received through an API. With its quick and easy implementation and low-monthly operating costs, RouteLink can help you unlock the power of Toll-Free!


The Benefits of RouteLink

Open API
Open API

RouteLink’s modern interface is available via an open standard API for ease of deployment.

Improved Efficiency
Improved Efficiency

RouteLink is updated in near real time to keep your local copy in sync to increase efficiency and reduce latency.


Access routing data direct from the only source of authoritative Toll-Free routing data: the TFNRegistry.

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Interested in learning more about how you can become a Direct Subscriber? Access our Sandbox Environment today to see how you can:

  • Integrate with ease – Through an open source API, RouteLink’s modern interface is easy and quick to implement
  • Store data locally – Enjoy the benefits that come with having a local copy of Toll-Free routing data
  • Visualize your data – RouteLink’s Call Processing Records (CPR) Viewer makes it easy to interpret even the most complex routing records

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Toll-Free Resources at Your Fingertips!

From how to “Optimize Toll-Free Call Routing” to “The New Value of a Phone Call” to the benefits you can gain when you “Open Your Business to Texting” and beyond, Somos’ Toll-Free University provides valuable resources such as case studies, videos and more to ensure that you have everything you need to promote “Toll-Free Today.”


Learn the Lingo

New to routing of Toll-Free Numbers? Learn the lingo with our handy glossary of terms.


A computer resource (which may include software, hardware, communications facilities or any combination of the same).

Application Programming Interface (API)

API is provided by Somos for the purpose of accessing RouteLink to download the Routing Database and receive updates to routing data.

Authorized Distributor

An entity that subscribes to the RouteLink service directly from Somos, and has been authorized by Somos to redistribute copies of the Routing Database to Network Subscribers, or provide routing data on a per query basis.

Authorized OEM

Manufacturers of routing appliances that incorporate the RouteLink API into their software.

Call Processing Record (CPR)

The CPR contains routing information for Toll-Free Numbers, and can contain complex routing instructions based on various factors such as, but not limited to, time of day, LATA, day of week, and time zone.

Network Operator

Person that provides networking services respecting Toll-Free Number Calls, including a person having an Operating Company Number assigned by the National Exchange Carrier Association or who is authorized to provide telecommunications services by a governmental agency.

Network Subscriber

Network Operator that has been authorized by Somos to download and use the Routing Database for the purpose of providing networking services respecting Toll-Free Number Calls.

RouteLink Subscriber

A customer that subscribes to the RouteLink service directly from Somos. RouteLink subscribers are authorized by Somos to download and use the Routing Database for the purpose of routing Toll-Free calls.

Routing Data

Data made available via RouteLink. Routing Data for each Toll-Free Number includes the identity of the Resp Org enabling the Toll-Free Number and call processing records used to terminate calls using the Toll-Free Number.

Routing Database

Database of Routing Data for all Toll-Free Numbers that is accessible via RouteLink.

Service Control Point (SCP)

Interface that serves as a controller between the Signaling System 7 (SS7) network, the Local Exchange Companies (LECs) and the TFNRegistry™.

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