Become a RouteLink Authorized Distributor

Why become a RouteLink Authorized Distributor?

Diversify and increase your revenue stream when you add RouteLink to your service offerings. Authorized Distributors have two different ways in which they can provide RouteLink to their customers: either as part of a bundled service or as a standalone query-based service.

Through a bundled service, an Authorized Distributor may provide a full copy of the routing data to their customer for a fixed fee. In the query-based model, the Authorized Distributor receives the Toll-Free routing data from Somos and distributes this data to their customers on a per query basis. Our exclusive licensing agreement will help you open the door to a whole new, profitable source of income.

If you are Network Operator that distributes routing data; a company that provides least cost routing (LCR) solutions to Network Operators or other type of business that offers routing data, the Authorized Distributor can provide an excellent opportunity to expand your business with access to Toll-Free routing data. 

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  • RouteLink allows you to expand your service offerings, and provide additional value to your customers.
  • You receive the data from the only authoritative source of  Toll-Free routing data.
  • As a RouteLink Authorized Distributor, you will be partnering with Somos, a leader in the Toll-Free industry.


  • Complete the RouteLink Authorized Distributor Interest Request below.
  • Accept RouteLink Authorized Distributor Licensing Agreement.
  • Complete all the steps listed on the RouteLink On-Boarding Checklist.

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