Become a RouteLink Authorized OEM

Why become a RouteLink Authorized OEM?

When you become a RouteLink Authorized OEM, you don’t offer direct access to Toll-Free routing data; you offer RouteLink itself. If you are a hardware and/or software company that provides routing solutions and wants to integrate the RouteLink API into your products, this option is perfect for you.

When you become an OEM Partner, you gain the ability to offer your customers a “plug and play” approach to RouteLink without the hassle of API integration and service deployment. Featuring an open REST API that easily integrates into most hardware and software, the RouteLink API can help you expand your offerings to incorporate Toll-Free routing data, adding extra value to your products. Additionally, Somos provides the technical support and documentation you need to complete the integration and certify the API.

Perhaps the most attractive part of becoming an OEM Partner is having a recognized leader in the Toll-Free space endorse you. As an OEM Partner, Somos will be an advocate for your solutions, provide referrals to prospective customers and supply you with the marketing materials you need to promote RouteLink and sell its value proposition. You’ll likewise be recognized on the Somos website as a certified partner and trusted service provider.

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  • Provide additional value to your customers with a “Plug & Play” approach to Toll-Free routing data.
  • As a Somos Authorized OEM, you will be partnering with a leader in the Toll-Free space.


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  • Accept Authorized OEM Agreement.
  • Complete a RouteLink Checklist On-Boarding Checklist.

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