Consulting & Training Services

All companies deal with resource constraints, conflicting priorities, or a gap in specialized knowledge. Somos understands these problems; that is why we have launched Consulting & Training (CT) Services.

How can CT Services help you?

Our Consulting & Training Services offering consists of resources and knowledge that help you deploy and adopt our products. We specialize in:
  • Software Services  
  • Business Process Reengineering  
  • Training & Certification  
  • Customized Solutions

With Somos CT Services, you can tackle your next project in an efficient, affordable, and knowledgeable way. Contact us to get started!

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Why choose Somos CT Services?

Strong Product Knowledge
Strong Product Knowledge

Nobody knows our products better than we do. Choosing Somos CT Services means getting the support from the team that created our products.

Deep Understanding of your Business
Deep Understanding of your Business

Since we build close relationships with our customers, we understand your business.

Technical Expertise
Technical Expertise

Our CT Services combines the expertise of our team, with consultant partners who offer a wide experience in IT, engineering, and telecommunications.

Our Service Packages

Standard Package 

This package includes 20 hours of consulting time for software services. This is the recommended option for integration of one Application Programming Interface (API) (such as RouteLink or the Resp Org Change (ROC) System).      

Premium Package 

This package includes 40 hours of consulting time for software services. This is the recommended option for integrating up to 2 APIs, or a combination of API integrations and consulting in specific topics such as the Call Processing Record (CPR).

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