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RealNumber® DNO: The Industry's Most Comprehensive Database to Help Mitigate Fraud!


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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is now cracking down on fraudsters leveraging voice channels for their nefarious activities as well as protecting messaging channels from fraud. With the recent Report & Orders, new regulations were put into place to support these efforts by requiring explicit effort and participation from both voice AND mobile service providers. Not only will service providers need to continue to prove that solutions have been put in place to stop illegal robocalls, but mobile providers must also implement solutions to stop illegal and unwanted texts. 

Ensure FCC compliance with Do Not Originate (DNO) mandates for voice and text with RealNumber® DNO.

RealNumber DNO for voice and text is the key to helping Service Providers comply with regulatory mandates aimed at eliminating unlawful robocalls and robotexts. With its robust Toll-Free and local number dataset of over 6 billion numbers, RealNumber DNO offers a one-stop solution that is comprehensive, affordable and user-friendly but, more importantly, helps you stay in compliance!

DNO By The Numbers

The most comprehensive set of DNO numbers (and growing!) available to help stop fraudulent traffic in its tracks!

28M Toll-Free DNO Numbers
6B Local DNO Numbers
3M Subscriber Set DNO Numbers

RealNumber DNO At-a-Glance 

Gain visibility into over 6 billion Toll-Free and 10-digit local (and counting!) numbers that have already been identified as DNO

Access RealNumber data via an API query or flat file bulk download

Harden your Robocall Mitigation Strategy

Helps Gateway Providers and U.S.-based operators in identifying numbers which should never be used for call origination – making this your one-stop shop solution to help maintain compliance with the recent FCC mandate

Comply with FCC regulations aimed at safeguarding consumers against the unlawful practice of text spoofing    


The Benefits of RealNumber DNO

RealNumber DNO is the ONLY DNO list that comes direct from the trusted administrator of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) and the TFNRegistry™.

Auto Set

Numbers that are automatically entered into the DNO database. The Toll-Free and 10-digit numbers included in this data set are procured directly from three authoritative sources: the TFNRegistry™ and the NANP combined with NPAC.


Subscriber Set

Toll-Free and local 10-digit numbers that are manually entered by Resp Orgs and Service Provider Identification Number (SPID) owners which should never be used for call or text origination.

ITG Number Set

Industry Traceback Group (ITG) Number Set that have been thoroughly vetted and identified as numbers spoofed to facilitate illegal, fraudulent, or otherwise malicious traffic.

The Stats Don't Lie!

1B Calls per day compared against the RealNumber DNO dataset
17% A Gateway Provider identified a 17% hit rate upon implementation
90% A leading wireless provider saw a 90% reduction in customer reported robocalls when coming from a provider who has implemented DNO

Interested in Learning More About RealNumber DNO?

Whether you’re looking to access data fields for Toll-Free Numbers, local numbers – or both! – now is the perfect time to see firsthand how RealNumber DNO can help prevent fraud on your network. Get in touch with a Somos team member today to get a jump start on compliance! 

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