Help Protect the Integrity of Phone Numbers

Be Part of the Solution Helping to Drive Trust & Confidence in Phone Numbers Using RealNumber®!

Be Part of the Solution Helping to Drive Trust & Confidence in Toll-Free Using RealNumber®!

From supporting enterprises seeking to achieve A-level attestation to helping to combat robocalls and illegally spoofed phone calls, RealNumber is a powerful solution uniquely positioned to drive increased trust and confidence in phone calls.

With so many options available, what makes RealNumber your go-to solution for helping to ensure compliance with STIR/SHAKEN standards?

Time to get REAL – RealNumber’s capabilities at-a-glance:

RealNumber DNO
  • Allows Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) to identify in-bound only Toll-Free Numbers and 10-digit local numbers as Do Not Originate (DNO) to aid in fraud prevention
  • Gain visibility into the over 28 million Toll-Free and 6 billion 10-digit local (and counting!) numbers that have already been identified as DNO
  • Access RealNumber DNO data via an API query or flat file bulk download
RealNumber RTU
  • Delivers the data needed to inform an originating Service Provider of a customer’s right to use a given Toll-Free Number (TFN)
  • Empowers the originating Service Provider with the TFN’s associated data in a manner that is aligned with the STIR/SHAKEN framework
  • Helps enable enterprises to achieve A-level Attestation

Many organizations have already seen how RealNumber empowers enterprise customers to take control of their numbers and drive increased trust in phone calls – Now it’s YOUR turn to see RealNumber Right to Use (RTU) and Do Not Originate (DNO) in action!

Interested in Learning More About RealNumber?

Get in touch with a Somos team member to learn more about RealNumber RTU and RealNumber DNO. Join your peers in becoming an active contributor to the continued health and longevity of our industry – all while helping to ensure that Resp Orgs, enterprises, consumers and more extract the utmost value, functionality and performance from Somos’ solutions.