XConnect® – Your Partner for Trusted Global Telephone Number Information 

Voice carriers, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), SMS aggregators and CPaaS providers all rely on accurate global telephone number information to solve challenges related to business messaging delivery assurance, voice fraud management and routing optimization to improve margins. 

  • XConnect, A Somos Company, supports these efforts by offering users from 232 territories access to datasets that include: 
  • Mobile Number Portability – Helps with understanding where to route a number when its service provider has changed
  • Global Number Range Data – Pre-validates numbers to help overcome fraud and cost management challenges
  • HLR Lookup – Provides the live status of a given number 

Trusted Information

XConnect gathers telephone number data from authoritative sources like the International Telecoms Union, national telecommunications authorities and GSMA IR.21 data sources and, before providing it to customers, verifies, tests and correlates beyond these sources to resolve any inconsistencies. 

Working with XConnect gives organizations access to truly global trusted datasets, all in one place, to take away the burden of data management and normalization, enabling them to focus on their core business. 

Expert Support

XConnect doesn’t just provide the data – their team of experts provide a full end-to-end service experience that goes from building a business case, deployment, support, data refreshes and enhancements. 

At XConnect, the primary goal is to optimize customers’ operations with highly granular data – creating a whole range of opportunities and enabling businesses to grow. With over 10 years of experience in routing, number information, privacy and security, customers can trust XConnect to solve their routing, rating and validation challenges.

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