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The Seven Powers of Toll-Free

Unlock the power of Toll-Free and elevate your business

Today, companies are purchasing more new Toll-Free Numbers than ever. Surprising? Actually, not really. A recent Gartner survey found Toll-Free Number use was projected to rise more than 75% across all industries. Toll-Free Numbers are not only still a huge part of better understanding and servicing customers, they can also be an important tool for everything a business needs to do — from streamlining contact center operations to analyzing marketing reach and impact. 

So just what are some of the top benefits of Toll-Free? 

  1. Lead with trust: When a customer sees a Toll-Free Number, the recognition is instant and the projected image is reputable and trusted. Toll-Free Numbers lend an air of credibility and professionalism while projecting a national presence. Consumers recognize that when they dial a Toll- Free Number, they’re reaching a legitimate business. 
  2. Enable instant recall: A Toll-Free Number creates greater recognizability and potential for recall, especially when it’s a “vanity” number. For example, a business owner using 1-866-PETS-R-US is going to be far more memorable than one using a randomly assigned local phone number. 
  3. Convert ready buyers: Customers who call often are already engaged with your brand and have a complex question they need you to answer. BIA/Kelsey finds that 58% of callers to a business are calling about a purchase of $100 or more and 28% are calling about a purchase of $500 or more. In other words, when customers dial your business number, they’re often at the moment of highest interest, empowering you to connect with your best leads in real time. 
  4. Deploy texting: Text enabling your Toll-Free Number creates a new line of communication between your company and consumers. According to One Reach, 62% of surveyed consumers said they would prefer to communicate with businesses via text. Texting also offers a convenient and cost-effective communication solution for your business. When a call center is set up to interact with consumers via text messaging, it becomes faster, more cost-effective, and generates more revenue. 
  5. Measure marketing effectiveness: Toll-Free Numbers aren’t just for contact centers – they can also track a marketing campaign’s reach and effectiveness. You can easily deploy hundreds, even thousands, of Toll-Free Numbers to correspond with specific marketing campaign segments. This kind of next-level campaign tracking can have a significant impact when it comes to informing your marketing budget, so you can tell exactly what ad, creative asset, and media channel are having the greatest impact. 
  6. Improve sales performance: When Toll-Free Numbers are embedded in ads, sales agents can used specialized software that links a consumer’s click- to-call or click-to-text response with their relevant web history. This equips sales agents with important customer intelligence that they can use to tailor their conversations and therefore improve conversion rates. This intelligence taken from click-to-call or click-to-text can also be used to improve call or text routing, getting customers to the right agent and improving the overall customer experience. 
  7. Analyze the voice of the customer: In a contact center, a speech analytics platform can recognize a large vocabulary of words, analyze tone of voice, identify relevant phrases, and even estimate the age of a caller. This information can then be parsed for insights on agent performance, customer behavior, the customer purchase journey and service or product issues. Of course, solutions and improvements don’t need to stop in the contact center. Speech analytics-based data and insights can be shared across your organization to improve productivity, service and collaboration. 


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