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Toll-Free Numbers are Made for Business

How Toll-Free can be used for growth, service and knowledge 

Whether you’re looking to double in size, improve customer satisfaction, or dig into consumer insights, Toll-Free Numbers can help. Read the following use cases to see how Toll-Free Numbers are a unique marketing and sales tool built for today’s businesses. 

A hometown coffee company scores big-time growth 

As the taste for small-batch coffee goes big time, one East Coast roaster set its sights on major growth. It brewed up a 50-state campaign and used a vanity Toll-Free Number to cast a national image, while catering to locals with little patience for barista lines. Now orders are pouring in from everywhere. 

A next-gen energy company plugs into texting to boost customer support 

Installing a new-fangled sustainable home energy system can generate both savings and perplexing questions. That’s why this company’s dedication to efficiency included text-enabling its Toll-Free Number. Its customers can get in touch with support experts right away and get right on with their life. That’s next-gen customer service. 

A subscription box company lifts the lid on customer preferences 

A new subscription box company needed sales and insight. To drive both, it placed a click-to-call Toll-Free Number in mobile ads, prompting customers to talk with a personal stylist. The campaign netted orders and sourced product preferences straight from the mouths of customers. It’s the perfect formula to keep them coming back for more. 

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