FCC Awards SomosGov Contract for North American Numbering Plan, Pooling and Reassigned Numbers Database Administration

East Brunswick NJ., December 1, 2020—The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has awarded SomosGov, Inc. the contract to serve as the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA), Pooling Administrator (PA) and Reassigned Numbers Database Administrator (RNDA).  This contract award is the result of a competitive bidding process administered by the FCC.  SomosGov is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Somos, Inc. (Somos), a leading registry management and data solutions company.

Gina Perini, Somos’ President and CEO, said, “Somos is honored to have been selected by the FCC to provide this vital service for the telecommunications industry. We look forward to working collaboratively with the FCC to innovate for the future under this new contract in meeting the needs of the industry and the consumers they serve.” 

Ann Berkowitz, Somos’ SVP and Chief Administrative Officer, stated, “The FCC’s selection allows Somos to continue providing stability and reliability for the industry and consumers while evolving to the next generation of numbering administration services. Our combination of the NANPA and PA services will increase efficiency and streamline processes for our customers. As part of the FCC’s multipronged approach to combat unwanted robocalling, SomosGov will swiftly implement the new Reassigned Numbers Database service.”

Since 2013, Somos has been the trusted, neutral Toll-Free Numbering Administrator, selected by the FCC to manage the Toll-Free Numbering database, providing Toll-Free Number management and routing for North America. In 2018, Somos began service as the NANPA and PA under a bridge contract awarded by the FCC through competitive bidding.

For further information, please contact Mary Retka: or 844.447.3852. 

About Somos, Inc. 

Somos is a leading provider of trusted registry management and data solutions. Our mission is to empower more intimate and trusted interconnections between brands, consumers, and communities. We accomplish this through our suite of authentication enablement solutions as well as our numbering administration roles. 

Currently, Somos serves as the North American Numbering Plan Administrator and the Pooling Administrator for more than 800 million local and wireless telephone numbers. We operate the SMS/800 TFN Registry for more than 42 Million Toll-Free Numbers in North America, and the TSS Registry, the centralized registry for the use of Toll-Free Numbers in text messaging and multimedia services. 

Through our portfolio of products and services, and a collaborative approach in everything we do, Somos helps ensure trust in an increasingly digital world, while delivering value, innovation, and results to consumers. To learn more about Somos, please visit

Media Contact:
Mary Retka
Vice President, Industry Relations and Public Policy



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