NOW AVAILABLE - New Standards for Toll-Free Numbers in the SHAKEN Framework Publication

To ensure that Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs), Service Providers and the greater telecommunications industry successfully maintain standards around the Signature-based Handling of Asserted Information using toKENs (SHAKEN) (ATIS-1000074) specification, Somos has partnered with the ATIS Industry Standards Group, The SIP Forum and IP-NNI Task Force to develop the recently published  ATIS Standard on Toll-Free Numbers in the SHAKEN Framework (ATIS-1000093) joint standards guide. 

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The document provides procedural standards and protocols related to calls where the calling party number displayed in the Caller ID is a Toll-Free Number (TFN). Over two years in the making, the publication additionally considers scenarios involving the calling party’s use of the TFN in order to enable them to attain full attestation for the TFN. Additionally, the introduction of industry-wide standards will help to further drive the continued growth, innovation and future health of Toll-Free.

To promote use and adoption, the ATIS Standard on Toll-Free Numbers in the SHAKEN Framework (ATIS-1000093) joint standards guide is available to all interested parties free of charge. Click here now to download a copy and read more about procedures that can be utilized in IP-based calls when the calls use a TFN in the Caller ID, especially where the TFN has not been assigned by the Originating Service Provider (OSP) for the call(s).

Looking for additional resources to support enabling enterprise customers to achieve a higher level of attestation? If so – RealNumber can help! Using data accessed through the authoritative SMS/800 TFN Registry, RealNumber provides confirmation and produces a unique authorization code that can provide an OSP with the affirmation of an enterprise’s rightful use of a given TFN.

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