Text Enablement Override Process
 For Rejected Requests


  • When a Service Registrar submits a request to have a Toll-Free Number (TFN) text enabled, the TFN is immediately enabled and the Responsible Organization (Resp Org) who controls the voice service is notified. The Resp Org then has two business days to respond to the request.
  • This document explains how and when the Help Desk would do an override of text enablement request that is rejected by the Resp Org or facilitate the approval process.
Text Enablement Override Process:
  1. If the Resp Org who controls the voice service rejects a text enablement request, the TFN(s) is reflected in the TSSRegistry™ as rejected.
  2. Text enablement requests should only be rejected by a Resp Org for legitimate business reasons. Legitimate business reasons are listed below:
    • LOA Data Mismatch
    • Toll-Free Shared or Bundled Service
    • Unauthorized LOA Contact
    • Not Commercially Viable/Integrated Service
  3. The Service Registrar may contact the Help Desk to assist with facilitating approval or overriding the rejection if appropriate. The Help Desk will ask for the following information to override the process:
    • The Toll-Free Number(s) involved in the request
    • A Letter of Authorization (LOA) for the TFN(s) meeting the following:
      • Toll-Free Number
      • Dated within 30 days
      • Signature of the End User Contact Name
      • Service Registrar Name
      • Business Name
      • Authorized Customer Contact Name
      • Authorized Contact Title
      • Authorized Customer Telephone Number
      • Authorized Customer Email

Somos has a standard LOA for this process, which can be downloaded here, though a Service Registrar may use its own LOA so long as it meets the above requirements.

If contact with the Resp Org is unsuccessful in gaining approval, and is not due to a legitimate business reason, Help Desk will override the process.

Help Desk Processing of Override Requests:
  1. The Help Desk will review the submission to make sure all information has been provided. The Help Desk may reject the request or contact the Service Registrar to obtain or clarify any missing information. Note: Validating LOA information is the responsibility of the Resp Org.
  2. If the Help Desk has all required information, they will activate the TFN(s) in the TSSRegistry within 24 hours of receipt of the request.

After the TFN(s) is activated in the TSSRegistry, the Help Desk will send a notification to the Resp Org outlining the details of the override event, and attach the LOA.
Note: The Resp Org has the right to “challenge” the override by providing proof of a legitimate business reason as to why the TFN should not be text enabled, or by providing a more recent LOA to tsshelp@somos.com.

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