Everything You Wanted to Know About Business Texting (But Were Too Afraid to Ask)

You’ve likely heard it before – texting is quick, convenient and easy for brands and their customers. But what about Service Providers and your customers? Turns out, when it comes to business texting and text enablement, everyone can be a winner!

Not sure about what to ask when it comes to offering Toll-Free text enablement? Gain the answers to some of the pressing questions you didn’t know – or were too afraid – to ask:

Everything You Wanted to Know About Business Texting (But Were Too Afraid to Ask) Author: Somos or SME

Why should a business text enable their Toll-Free Number?

Text enabling a Toll-Free Number (TFN) offers businesses a wide range of advantages all while utilizing a branded asset they already own. Some benefits include:

Improved customer experience,
Increased engagement,
Reduced churn, and
Lower operating costs.


How does an enterprise text enable their TFN and get started with business texting?

Unfortunately, businesses can’t text enable TFNs on their own – they need the support of a Service Provider that is authorized to text enable the number on the subscriber’s (AKA enterprise’s) behalf. 

As a Service Provider, don’t risk losing a valuable customer because you don’t offer text enablement services – the critical text enablement services they need to create a quick and direct line of communication with their consumer base.


As a Service Provider, how can I get set-up to offer text to Toll-Free services?

Just like no two Service Providers are the same, there are several different tracks you can follow to start offering text to Toll-Free Services to your enterprise customers. 

From partnering with an established Texting to Toll-Free Service Provider – commonly referred to as a Service Registrar – to building a platform in-house, learn more about the pros and cons of each option when you check out the following webinar:

Providing Text to Toll-Free Services: It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3!


Ready to offer your customers the ability to text enable their Toll-Free Numbers? Email us at to learn more about how business texting offers a powerful touchpoint to start conversations with consumers, while also reaping several business benefits.



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