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Mark Bilton-Smith

CEO, Porting.com & ATLaaS
Mark Bilton-Smith

Mark Bilton-Smith is the CEO of Porting.com & ATLaaS, formerly ATL Communications. His companies specialize in providing SaaS solutions that ensure simplified, fast, reliable, and secure Local Number Porting and Toll-Free Number management for telecom industry service providers, enterprise businesses, contact centers, and consumers in today's modern and dynamic world.

In 1993, ATL became the pioneering carrier-neutral Resporg in the United States. After 30 years, ATLaaS has emerged as one of the top 10 RespOrgs, managing over 1 million numbers for their valued clients. They remain committed to offering neutral RespOrg services, setting themselves apart in the industry. ATLaaS simplifies Toll-Free number ownership and management, empowering service providers, enterprise businesses, and contact centers with a Unique RespOrg ID. Clients gain authoritative ownership, freedom, trust, control, uptime, real-time access, and updates to critical data through their innovative SaaS platform.

Since Mark's arrival in 2016, Porting.com was established, expanding the portfolio to include Local Number Portability and number management. PortControl, the world's first cloud services NPAC Certified Local Number Porting clearing house & LSMS SaaS solution, revolutionized Local Number Porting. PortControl offers carriers and telecom service providers real-time management, access, and updates to authoritative data through one simple, reliable, secure collaborative SaaS platform that unifies the telecom industry. Their world-class client success experts, Senior product and service specialists, and those who form their trusted Business ecosystem are here to empower and serve the telecom industry.   

With over 36 years of experience in telecommunications and data communications, Mark is a distinguished thought leader driving innovation and technological advancements. His entrepreneurial spirit, integrity, leadership, and empowerment are the driving forces behind his operational prowess.

As a proud Navy Veteran and a father of five, Mark and his family have found their home and enjoy pursuing their interests in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

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