The Beginning of Toll-Free Data

Thu, 01/26/2017


Toll-Free Numbers have become an expected part of how businesses approach the customer experience. If a consumer wants support, needs instructions, files a complaint, or places a purchase over the phone, the company is expected to pay for that phone call, no questions asked. It’s a non-negotiable factor in the modern marketplace.

Today, many consumers also interact with brands via the internet from their mobile devices. And businesses are starting to follow the Toll-Free model of taking on the cost of the customer experience through a new concept called Toll-Free data. Companies are exploring the possibility of taking on the cost of visiting their mobile website or app, a revolutionary step forward in the customer experience model.

A recent Forbes article sheds light on the up-and-coming idea of Toll-Free data, or “1-800 data.”  Based on the same principles of Toll-Free phone calls, Toll-Free data is a service in which a business covers its customer’s data expenses for mobile activities such as watching online advertisements or browsing the company’s website. Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T have already begun implementing programs that feature this new wave of Toll-Free into their data plans with programs like Binge On (T-Mobile) and Sponsored Data (AT&T). For more on Toll-Free data and how it’s changing the way companies do business, read the full article here